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NiCAT A10 Mixer
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The NiCAT10A Asphalt Plant & Recycler attaches directly to your skidstter for quick and mobile patching. The technology was designed for the US Air Force and is currently being deployed by the USAF at airfields around the world. The NiCAT system is now available for commercial use. The 10A can be used to reheat pre-packaged 50 bags of DOT mix (See NiPAC product on our website for details) this provides an exact DOT 64-22 mix or 76-22 mix depending on the customer's location and needs. The NiCAT10A can also be used to recycle asphalt millings into quality hot mix whenever a DOT spec is 'not' required. This gives contractors, city, county and state DOT's the flexibility to make DOT mix or recycled mix any time of year, reducing their reliance on the local hot mix plants.
Highlights: Quick Skidsteer Attachment Produces DOT Approved Mix Simple to Use Highly Mobility Recycles Millings US Air Force proven Very Affordable Year Round Hot-Mix

If it's good enough for the US Air Force it's good enough for you!

: The NiCat10A Mixer was built to the specifications of the Air Force Research Lab and fabricated by NiTech for the US Air Force. The NiCat 10A was designed to mix NiPak pelletized asphalt mix and produce Air Force approved material for runway repairs. The multimillion dollar research and testing project was conducted by the US Air Force and involved building a temporary runway, detonating explosives to simulate damage caused in battle and product testing. The NiPak pelletized asphalt system proved itself a success, with outstanding performance and virtually no rutting. Today, NicCat 10A systems are being deployed to USAF bases around the world.

The NiCat 10A Mixer is now commercially available and packaged with NiPak 50Lb bags of DOT spec mix. Heating up to 400Lbs of NiPak to 340F in just 8 minutes.

Simple: Load 1-10 bags of mix into mixer, heat & dump.

DOT Spec Mix: NiPak mix produces DOT spec asphalt in minutes for rapid spall repair of military airfields, roadway, parking lots and driveways.

Skidsteer: The NiCat 10A is designed to rapidly attach to your skidsteer loader, using the hydraulics, electrics, and the fuel supply to power the mixer. Quick connects for hydraulic, fuel, and electrics allow the mixer to be mounted in minutes. This allows 50 pound bags of mix to easily be placed in the mixer. The heater is rotated into the run position, and the skid steer operator assumes control of the mixer rotation, heating, and dumping from the operator console.

The NiCAT10A fits on to the CAT-C277 and CAT-C279.  Also avaialble is the NiCAT 11A, which fits virtually any skidsteer using standard connectiong mount points and 2 hydraulic lines for the mixer.

Trailered: A trailer unit with conveyor feed is available.


Pricing is FOB Connelly Springs, NC, USA
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
1-888-999-2660     1-518-218-7676     

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