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Pavement Technologies International is an international supplier of Recycling equipment and equipment used for maintaining, repairing and constructing roadways and other paved surfaces. Our products are sold both directly and through our US and Internationally based distributors. We also provide a variety of other machinery.

Our Customers - Our customer-base is composed of contractors and municipal entities including airports, city and county highway departments, state DOT and federal agencies.

We Understand Your Needs - Our company draws from an experienced staff, most having an extensive background in the paving industry. We understand the equipment you'll be buying and can help guide you on your purchase. Whether you're new in the business or a 50-year veteran, our team can help you make the right equipment selection.

Our Commitment - We are committed to providing you with unsurpassed quality and customer service, exceptional products, reasonable prices and dependable after-sale service and support.

- If you have special configuration requirements for your machinery, let us know. We will work with you to try and customize the machinery to meet your needs.

Can't Find What You Need - Let us know what you're looking for. We may be able to find it for you.

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